Can I check my account online?

Yes! Consignors at Rethreads can check their accounts online 24x7! Click here to access our online consignor portal!

How do you keep up with my items?

When you become a consignor with ReThreads, you will fill out a consigning contract which states all of our terms. We will use your information to assign your account number and create your account.

When you drop your consignments off, all of your items are labeled with your name, then inventoried onto your computerized account.

When the price tags for your items are printed, they each have a special barcode so that when the items sells, 50% of the base sales price is deposited into your consignor account.

You will have access to this account through an online portal where you can check your sales balance at any time.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is so important! We use our 16 years of experience, lots of research, and market trends to set pricing. Over the course of the 60 day consignment, items gradually discount. Our large customer base can find fantastic bargains while our consignors are happy to turn their unwanted items into cash!

What sells best?

Casual apparel for men and women is our best seller. Brands such as Patagonia, On Cloud, Nike, Chicos, Ralph Lauren, Lululemon, J Crew, and specialty boutique brands sell the quickest. High end and designer brands are also highly sought after and ReThreads has a customer base constantly on the look out for these specialty items.

Men’s casual wear is a hot seller. Condition and brand are big indicators of what will sell best.

While all sizes sell well, we are always on the look out for great plus size items. They are fast sellers!

Do you sell designer purses?

Yes! Designer purses are one of our best-selling categories. While we are always thrilled to consign brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, and Chanel, our more basic higher end brands are also highly sought after. Brands such as Brahmin, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Frye, and Kate Spade are always in our inventory.

Our customers love their bags, but they only shop for the real thing. ReThreads does not consign imitation or “faux” designer brands. If we can’t authenticate the designer items ourselves, we employ a third party who specializes in designer brands to authenticate items before they are placed on the salesfloor.

Are there items you don’t accept?

Yes! We do not accept the following:

• Wedding dresses

• Formals

• Swimsuits

• Men’s suits

• Women’s Pants/ Shorts

• Women’s suits/Career Wear

• Sleepwear

Are there brands you don’t accept?

Generally, we are looking for designer labels and brands
from better department stores and boutiques. If the items came from a store
with “mart” in the name or are fast-fashion brands that are only good for a few
wears, they will not sell well. What our customers are asking for determines
the brands we are accepting at any given time.

What are you looking for when I bring my items in to consign?

We want you to have a successful consignment experience. If
you bring items that aren’t going to sell well, it doesn’t do either of us any
good to keep those pieces. The things we look for:

Brand – Is this a brand our customers are looking

Condition – Is there fading, peeling, fuzzies,
stains, ring around the collar, missing buttons, loose threads, etc. If so, we
will pass on the item. Is the item super wrinkled? Shoppers are looking for
items that are presented well and ready to wear.

Shoe condition is very important. Shoes sell great, but
customers are looking for shoes with very little signs of wear.

Style – Is this an on-trend style? Generally, the
best items to consign were purchased within the last two years, but as long as
the item is in great condition and what our customers are looking for, we can
consign it.

Season – We generally follow the same seasonal
calendars as the department stores. So, it may still be hot in July, but we
have already stopped our summer intake and moved on to Fall. Be sure to check
our seasonal block dates to know which items to bring in at any given time.

Alterations – Items that have been altered to fit the
previous owner are not accepted.

What happens after my 60 day consignment period ends?

If you would like to pick any consigned items up that didn’t sell, you should plan on picking them up within a few days of the end of your consignment period. We will print you a list of any items still on the sales floor so that you can retrieve them.

Any consigned items unclaimed after the end of the 60 day consignment period will be considered the property of ReThreads. The items may be donated, sold, or sent to Boomerang, our thrift/clearance outlet. The sale of unclaimed items at our clearance outlet has raised thousands of dollars for various community needs this year.


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